Poker Tips Intro

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This is an intro for beginners~ Very Broad Idea of positioning.

 (*Skip this if you’ve played more than 5,000 Poker Hands Already)



Poker is mainly aboos really understand how to play these positions well, as of now don’t even worry about it, just fold if you don’t got a strong heart for it. (Will have a walkthrough about this a little later)


Middle: As of now just be really careful when you’re in this position, you’re practically in a “confused” position


Late: As of this intro, this is the position you want, you want to be behind every single player, you want them to act first to get reads on them, you’re like an inspector whereas you won’t get inspected or get your pants caught down. You get to hold on their belt/leash first and you get to inspect to know if you should pull on the leash hard or let it go this one time and wait for a better opportunity! Why aut positions, there’s early, middle and late positions.


Early: Only prm I even typing this much about this position? Because it’s the easiest/best position to play in


放心之後會有翻譯 看的懂得先看吧


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